The Law Offices of Arnold J. Calabrese has concentrated its practice on the representation of Community Association clients for over thirty years.  As a boutique firm, we understand that Community Associations require an efficient, responsive and competent law firm, familiar with all areas of Community Association representation, including general representation, collections, transitions and ADR services.   Our attorneys are committed to providing the highest level of representation to our clients.  We pride ourselves on our ability to avoid serious problems for our clients, keeping them from the expense and frustration of litigation, always striving to achieve the resolution of problems through mediation or negotiated settlements whenever possible.   However, when necessary, we have the experience and expertise to prosecute and/or defend any action which may arise in a Community Association environment.  In particular, construction litigation has been an area in which we excel, successfully completing over 35 transition litigations recovering more than sixty million dollars ($60,000,000.00) for our clients.  That is why Community Associations throughout New Jersey have retained and trust the Law Offices of Arnold J. Calabrese.